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In the most extensive tour of their career is now Rhapsody Of Fire and therefore have time and desire not only to play without a break throughout the Americas, but also to get to Chile and to play three shows, displaying a kind of mini-national tour in Concepción, Antofagasta and Santiago.

That is something that Fabio Lione knows very well and interview explains why Chile is the only place in América where they will make three dates. But the telephone conversation took to México for more ...

In it, the singer released and recognizes that the departure of Luca Turilli affects you, revealing to the public that "sometimes" misses him. "If he is happy with this situation, I guess we just have to be happy too," he adds. Also refers to the moment he learned that Luca and how it would be reported. "I know, not as nice," he says about what happened, but ensures that they remain friends, and even helped turilli to find a vocalist for his new band, Alessandro Conti.

Both in English and Spanish, Fabio Lione stop at all these issues including the future of Rhapsody Of Fire about an upcoming release and all the business, as both groups now want to share the same computer, management or seal, as was the original plan. All this, exclusively on


First I'd like to ask how things are going with the tour, because is the largest and more extensive world tour that Rhapsody Of Fire has done in his career. How much has sued you all this trip across Europe, North and Latin America?

Well, I feel great just because the new members of the group are very good, good musicians, so the group is well "tight" in the live shows. And of course, you're right, it probably is in fact the longest tour of all who have made Rhapsody Of Fire. So too is that Chile will give three concerts in Concepción, Antofagasta, Santiago, and also did our first headlining tour in the United States, and it was very good!, As in Canada. And what else I can say, it has been great!, If we are doing well, new members are good so we're happy.

Well, this is actually the second time having the opportunity to perform in North America, supporting Manowar. However, this is the first time you do a headlining tour there. How different is the experience now?

Yes, it is totally different, we supported a big band seven years ago in the United States and had great reactions. Of course, when you do it by yourself and you're headlining is completely different. I have to say that the U.S. is not easy, is not a single market and sometimes you find shows (switch to Spanish) with people as 200, not much else. Another time you can have more people, isn’t it?, as 700 or more. Is it OK if I speak Spanish a little bit (laughs)?, But not so well, isn’t it?, especially in the United States, right? In Canada is a very, very good audience for Rhapsody Of Fire. We also have many people in Canada. In the United States ... every show is different from playing in a venue that is small or in a venue that is bigger, right? It's different, you understand, right? (Change to English) The New York show last Saturday was very good. Seattle was great, Portland was good, Hollywood was good ... Philadelphia was ... hmmm, OK, so you know, America is really big, then you may find very different people with very different premises, although I must add to make a tour as a headliner is the best thing, if you can do it.


Also ... well, can I ask you the questions in Spanish as well (laughs)?

Whatever. Yes.

(In spanish) OK, OK, thanks! I want to ask about the importance of Chile for Rhapsody, understanding that you have set three presentations in the country. How much closeness you feel and how special it is Chile for the group?

Be sure that Chile is a very important country for Rhapsody Of Fire, to forever! In this round we have the opportunity to play three shows in this country and I think this is the first round we played in Concepción. (Change to English) We like Antofagasta and Santiago have to say that we love América, but I think Chile is something special for Rhapsody Of Fire, has always been!, From the beginning to now and that's the only country (switches to spanish) for now the only country where we played three concerts. It's a very beautiful, isn't it?, because it means that people love the band.

But first, you had the opportunity to come to Chile in 2000, Vision Divine and Labyrinth, and you know very well our audience. What do you remember that visit with Olaf Thorsen?

Yes, it was one of the nicest experiences of my life, because she was with me the first time in South America. The guys of Vision Divine are great!, Isn't it?, very friendly and the same thing for Labyrinth. I remember we played an excellent show in Santiago, and to Labyrinth and Vision Divine and thus remember me also that people were singing all the words of the songs, right? I strongly hope that new album of Vision Divine, which I think will be in business in September, it is estimated, and I think people ... I hope that people would love this new work. It is a little different, is a very special and is the first time we have a big record company with Vision Divine. So I hope that we have again the possibility of a world tour with that band.


Great, great news with Vision Divine! And about Rhapsody visit in July 2001, you played in Chile this time THREE SHOWS within 24 hours. It was a madness!

Yes! I remember a little crazy (laughs)!, Me! I mean, because I asked if it was possible to perform two shows in one day, isn’t it?, and we had played so is quite a peculiar thing. I said before, isn’t it?, in Chile the situation ... the love is strong and the band (switch to english) of course we accept to do two shows in one day because we had a lot of people outside the venue and was an experience great. We always thought that, of course (switch to spanish) for a singer is not the optimal thing, isn’t it?, to perform two concerts in one day, but I was very, very happy in the band, and Promotors, so I remember that thing, which is a very special thing, right? It not happens every day that you have asked to make two shows in one days (laughs)!

That same producer invited you in December 2007 to Chile. Unfortunately, legal issues had to cancel well above the date. What do you remember about that exact moment and (reverting to English) how sad you were for that news of the cancellation of that expected South American tour?

Uh (sighs), was as bad as I remember, (still in spanish) I remember that the band was about three years out, isn’t it?, for all this legal problem with the management. Surely this has been the most difficult period of the band and me, because at that time I had no Vision Divine, in that period were not performed concerts, not edited discs with Rhapsody so I had a "cover band "with friends making music, but surely is the most difficult period. And I'm very, very happy that now the situation is different and that the band is finally free to play again, you can record, to make tours, to think of new compositions. And I think for now can not be better (laughs) because the band has spent three years entirely sad, right? Do you understand?

Luca Turilli’s departure: "I will tell you THE TRUTH"

I understand! And now with this ... (switch to English) with this new line up have the chance now touring the world, something you could not before The Frozen Tears Of Angels. However, I ask you ... since many are still talking about the departure of Luca Turilli and now you're playing with the new Rhapsody Of Fire, what things you miss more about Luca, Dominique (Leurquin, guitar), Patrice ( Guers, bass)?

Oh ... uh, honestly?, I miss the way he spoke and his family. He's a funny guy and sometimes I miss that, yes, I have to admit it. Of course it's a great, great composer and not know what to say because he chose to be alone and create a new group, so if he is happy with this situation, I guess we just also have to be happy but ... you know, found a good singer ... I found a good singer for him because he was my friend Alessandro Conti and Luca had never seen or known about him, so Luca was talking to me and say 'oh, I dunno, I'd like to meet a good singer, who is Italian. " Then I was talking to Luca and said 'Hey, wait! I have a friend of mine out there that is good, is from Italy and is able to sing well in different styles. " I think Luca is happy and we are good friends and he did many things for me and I did many things for him. I'm just a little sad that it has decided to go alone so I wish him well. (Switches to Spanish) the same thing as Patrice, Dominique, who are just nice guys, right? Extremely prepared as musicians. Well, Luca is a very nice and more than once, kill me a Little, that thing (laughs).

I understand, and the last show with Luca was in Wacken Open Air 2011. At the time Fabio, already had decided to go their separate ways?

(In English) OK (silence), I'll tell THE TRUTH. The group knew about it. (Switches to Castilian) The band had decided that thing. One person did not know: I (laughs)! (Return to English) They told me they did not want ... I would not feel bad or ... look, I heard these questions after the show, after Wacken, however Luca, Alex, Patrice, Holzwarth knew, knew this before the show ... (in spanish), you understand? (Continued in English) I know, not as nice though maybe I understand what they did, you know? In one of those I would not feel bad, they wanted to try to sing well and deliver a good show, so they chose me after Wacken whole thing, although I had decided earlier. Yes.

Wow. However, Rhapsody Of Fire Rhapsody and Luca Turilli share the same management, the same tour management, the same label now ... how is this possible and how will they manage? Yes, we have to change it. So, I think that eventually we will change something because it's really not the best situation for us, having the same staff, the same team, the same record label and so on. That's why our drummer Alex Holzwarth is now and no longer plays with Luca. And I think that will work with All-Access as a booking agency (note: that brings them to South America and Chile) and Luca, at least what I know, will interact with two different booking agencies, so that Luca will an agency for concerts in Europe that is not All-Access and then in South America, USA, Japan and elsewhere, will work with All-Access. Then try to separate things a bit, especially with Nuclear Blast. Surely, Luca continue with Nuclear Blast. Not sure at all if Rhapsody Of Fire will continue with Nuclear Blast, we have to check it. We should write a new album to see if another record label is interested in Rhapsody Of Fire and ... well, we just want to work in a good way without having the same crew, the same people, right? RHAPSODY OF FIRE 2012: "WE ONLY GET A GREAT ALBUM WITH VERY GOOD SONGS THAT PEOPLE LIKE TO SING LIVE AND THAT’S IT" And about the new lineup, what are the strongest aspects of this alignment with Tom (Hess), (Robert) De Micheli, with Oliver Holzwarth (Blind Guardian)? How strong do you feel now with this training? Yes, there is a difference, a big difference, especially during live shows. Now the band in my opinion is much more "tight" compact than before. The way that Oliver (Holzwarth, bass) and Tom (Hess, guitar) play is more powerful, so you end up in every show there are more fiato than before. But Luca is a great guitar player like Dominique. If you miss something, I can miss some things of their own, since Luca has a very special touch. On the rhythmic, I must say that the group in my opinion is much better now, if I refer to the rhythm section. And about soloing, Luca has a personal style, while Robert is in my opinion, a really good guitar player and able to play differently in a way a little more Hard Rock, a little more progressive than Luca perhaps since his playing is a little different, although both are extremely good. They started together in fact! They started playing guitar, Luca and Roberto, at the same age as children, so they knew each other very well, and Robert actually knows very well how to play Luca told me. He teaches guitar and a very nice guy and a very good guitarist too. Therefore, I must say that in my opinion, there is a big difference, if this band live is more powerful now. I do not know why, but it sounds to me much more "tight" than before.

You spoke of an upcoming new material as Rhapsody Of Fire and no longer have to Luca, who had written the entire series and showed their own style, how you think a next release will sound without Turilli, in one of those you there more involved in the composition?

Yes, as far as I know Luca is launching a new record and no longer writes about the saga. We are considering keeping some fancy stuff to Rhapsody Of Fire, no doubt, and I think I'll be much more involved in the composition, just because Alex is a good composer, Starópoli, just really can not think in words or letters I do not feel has great experience in that. It is a very good keyboardist and composer, but ... look, write letters or words or a series or whatever, you need something more!, Require more experience in that territory. Now, I think I did something good in the past with Athena, with Labyrinth and Vision Divine or ... never mind. With Rhapsody I've only done three songs, no more than that, and I find that this time I can do insurance. Let's see, it is likely to write new songs with Starópoli and we’ll compose musically together, I'll take care of the vocal lines and also possibly the vocal melodies, right? For sure we will want to keep the matter a little fantasy of Rhapsody Of Fire, but we want to continue the old series and issues like that, you know? We just want to get a very great good album, good songs that people like to sing live and play.


Finally, I go to the last of Rhapsody. Suddenly, with Legendary Tales (1997) and Symphony Of Enchanted Lands (1998), became a very successful event in those days. What was your first impression of Luca and Alex when I was invited to sing this music and how that success surprised you so great?

Well, it was a little strange for me because I did not know about them, and actually I have met them when the music of Legendary Tales was ready, and when I mean "ready", I mean "ready" in the studio. Moreover, they only needed someone to sing on the first album I heard some songs ... before I heard the songs and I immediately realized that the group had something special, something unique, they would have a unique touch, and that is the main why I joined Rhapsody, you know? I must say I was surprised because ... actually, I really think that we get together, we met a really good way ... I think it was perfect, because I think my voice fits very well with the kind of music Alex and Luca were writing, so that the combination of the three boys, me, Luca and Alex was perfect in my opinion. So we get these first two albums that were so successful, and that people liked so much! (Silence) I do not know there was something between us and perhaps my style of singing is a bit more epic and operatic than usual. Not a style so powermetal singing style and maybe that is also one of the reasons, one of the keys to success that we had, no idea. By the way, I was very happy to have met. Just had bad times and who did not know before, so we engaged in some discussions. At the end in any case it was a really great start. It was a great experience for me.

Great Fabio, I want to thank you for your time in Mexico for this conversation! Want to leave a message to the boys who go to see them in Concepcion, Antofagasta and Santiago?

Yes, thank you for this interview, first of all, then of course, I would like to see all the fans of Rhapsody Of Fire in Chile. We have always loved this country and we are very happy and excited to go for three concerts. Spend great dates together with our fans and stuff. That is, (switch to spanish) is a very ... very beautiful, isn’t it?, nice for the band, especially because we’ll play three shows for the first time in Chile!

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