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Fabio Lione Art Awards 2011-2012 : notified to Fabio

Term [Extended]: 15th November 2011 - 31st March 2012
*this term can be prolonged or changed depending on Fabio's schedule so that he will have chances to check his fans' artworks

Fabio Lione Art Awards 2011-2012

Fabio Lione Art Awards newly starts in November 2011!
Let's show our passion and appreciation with our artworks for Fabio, also nice as Christmas and New Year's celebration!!!
please tell this to your friends and art/music lovers, and invite them to this forum!

Please Join - Fabio Lione Official Forum - http://fabiolione.net/forum

-First, of course you should be a member here on Fabio Lione Forum.
If you invite your friends/acquaintances, please recommend them to register as FL forum member.

-The types of your artworks are totally free!
for example, cartoons, pencil sketches, color drawings, photo designs (banner, wallpaper, posters etc.), poetries, stories, videos,
music (cover / original songs, instrumentals, a-cappella song etc. - upload on YouTube etc. or mp3 files),
handcrafts, or merchandise ideas and so on... various arts are available.

Your new artwork will be appreciated, but your past artwork is also all right.

-We welcome your artworks concerned with Fabio himself, Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine, Kamelot or the bands/projects he has joined, although we will gladly accept "free-theme" artworks, too.

- When you post your artworks, please use "File Attatchment" or "links" to your artworks in the thread "Fabio Lione Art Awards 2011-2012".
In case of using "HTML codes", you should choose "HTML ON - Auto Linebreak Mode" from "Post Options" under your post area.
of course you can directly post your texts (poetries, stories etc.) in this thread.

-If you can't upload your file to show on Fabio Lione Official Forum, please send your artworks attached with an ordinary e-mail to MiMi (*not through the forum e-mail system) or ask the moderators (Jennifer, Tharish-Alexis, Nicco) how to do it.

-In the past, Fabio himself had commented on his fans' artworks at the end of this event, but Fabio is too busy with his musical activities, so please understand he will not be able to do the same. Regardless of it, we can post comments or reviews on each others' artworks.

-From Fabio Lione Official Forum, special trophy banners with our thankful feelings will be presented to all participants.

Fabio will continue his great activities and start the tour with Rhapsody or singing for Kamelot... He needs enough energy! Let's encourage him, dedicating our artworks!

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