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The latest interview with Fabio Lione by metal-trails.com 12th January 2012

A new interview with Fabio by metal-trailx.com was uploaded. Fabio talkis about Rhapsody Of Fire,'s new line up, new songwriting, Europe Tour, VIP events etc. Please check out his interesting answers.



Rhapsody Of Fire proudly announce part 1 of our new world tour dates. More concerts in other countries are being planned now and will be added soon.

"This is going to be the best tour ever for Rhapsody Of Fire. The band will be doing some great new things that we’ve never done before. Among those new things, we'll be playing a lot more songs compared to our previous tours, and not only more songs, but songs that our fans have requested to hear most. We're also giving fans the opportunity to spend an incredible amount of personal time with us face-to-face in order to bring us very close to our fans in a very personal and meaningful way", says Alex Staropoli.

01.04.2012 Sala Totem - Pamplona - Spain
02.04.2012 Sala Cats - Madrid - Spain
03.04.2012 Salamandra - Barcelona - Spain
04.04.2012 Theatre Barbey - Bordeaux - France
06.04.2012 PPM Festival - Mons - Belgium
07.04.2012 Z7 - Pratteln - Switzerland
08.04.2012 Bataclan - Paris - France
09.04.2012 Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg - Germany
11.04.2012 Live Club - Milano - Italy
12.04.2012 Estragon - Bologna - Italy
13.04.2012 Orion Roma - Italy
14.04.2012 New Age - Treviso - Italy

We are very excited to see you in those cities and all the others we are going to announce soon. For more information about getting your special VIP tickets to not only meet the band but to spend a LOT of personal time with us, check out Meet The Band.

The explanation about Rhapsody Of Fire VIP tickets can be read on Rhapsody Of Fire Official Website. This VIP ticket will give you a plenty of precious time for you to spend with Fabio and all the band members before and after the show.

How to purchase Rhapsody Of Fire VIP tickets:
Please refer to Rhapsody Of Fire Official Website- News (the link is down below) and select the show date/venue from the pull down menu in the article, then push "Buy Now" button and follow the instruction on the next page.

After buying VIP tickets, you should send an e-mail including the required info to payment@rhapsodyoffire.com
1.The name and email address used for your Paypal account. 2.Your first and last name (or the first and last name of the person coming to the concert if you buy the ticket for someone else). 3.Your primary email address. 4.Your home address.

Your VIP ticket will be sent as a special certificate to your primary email address. The certificate will include your name, email address, city as well as a special ticket code. You then need to bring this certificate and your order confirmation email from Paypal to the venue, in order to exchange it with a wristband.

And please note: you should buy both of a VIP ticket and a regular ticket to have this special VIP treatment.


Fabio Lione new activities - Fabio's schedule in 2012 - 28th December

Fabio Lione's new activities Fabio himself or the bands he belongs have announced so far are introduced here. Fabio will appear at a metal cruising festival with Kamelot and some shows with his familiar Italian artists as his main schedule from January to Feberuary in 2012.

Friday, January 13, 2012 - 10:00pm until 1:00am

Kamelot show at 70,000 Tons Of Metal
Monday, January 23, 2012
Florida, United States

Friday, February 10, 2012 - 10:00pm until 1:00am

Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 9:30pm until 12:30am
Midian pub Cremona, Italy

Fabio joined recording 2 songs for a new album "Tears Of White Roses" by SEBASTIEN, a Czech melodic power metal band in July 2011. And he appeared in their promotional video "Dorian", which will be finished in some more weeks. Stay tuned and check it out!

Fabio Lione with SEBASTIEN-1

Fabio Lione with SEBASTIEN-2

Fabio Lione with SEBASTIEN-1

Photo by Martina Melisi

Fabio Lione and Vision Divine started recording the new album! 3rd December

Vision Divine announced - The first song for the new Vision Divine album is completed.
This song will be opening the new album and it's titled "The dream maker".
Fabio did an excellent work, and he recorded something like 14 vocal tracks, backing vocals included. They recorded these new tunes as their demo songs. The details will follow to be introduced.

Vision Divine - December 3
The first song for the new Vision Divine album is completed. This song will be opening the new album and it's titled "The dream maker". Fabio did an excellent work, and he recorded something like 14 vocal tracks, backin vocals included!

Vision Divine - December 6
Today Fabio recorded another 2 songs from the new album. Next Wednesday we're gonna finish the remaining one and then it will be time to mix it. Can't wait to let you hear something!

Vision Divine - December 10
We almost finished mixing the new songs. One more to go and it's all done!

Fabio Lione singing at the studio

Fabio Lione - his activities in winter 2011

Fabio showed himself up on stage with Saints Or Sinners on 5th November again and sang cover songs like IRON MAIDEN's "Fear Of the Dark".
his show with Purplesnake on 13th November was postponed till 3rd December (and it was suspended at last).
Fabio joined Queenmania (an Italian cover band of Queen)'s show together with many guest artists on 26th November in memory of Freddie's death on 24th November 1991, he sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" heart and soul with Sonny Ensabella, the vocalist of Queenmania. The videos (although the quality of sounds and images are not the best) from these shows were uploaded on YouTube.

Fabio Lione "Fear Of Dark" - with Saints Or Sinners

Fabio Lione "Bohemian Rhapsody" - with Queenmania

Fabio Lione - his schedule after Kamelot North American Tour

Fabio successfully completed Kamelot North American tour with their final show in Orlando on 23rd September.
After coming back to Italy, he appeared on stage for Saints Or Sinners' show with Vision Divine members and his familiar artists
and sang cover songs of Queen or Deep Purple as it had been scheduled.
Additionally, he joined a band "SEBASTIEN" and appeared in their first video "Dorian" together with them when he visited Czech Republic
as he had Rhapsody Of Fire show at Masters Of Rock there. More details and photos will follow as they come out.

Kamelot with Fabio - North American Tour 2011 - in Salt Lake

Kamelot final show in Orlando 2011

Fabio Lione - his schedule in autumn 2011

After Rhapsody Of Fire shows at Wacken, Fezen and Bloodstok in August were all over, Fabio is keep on doing his activities with various projects and bands.
He joined to record an album "Mystic Alchemy" with a band "Opening Scenary", singing a song "The Final Destination" . You can check the song on Opening Scenery Myspace.

Opening Scenery Myspace

Fabio also appeard at Purplesnake show at Kimama Srzana on 21st August.
Then, Fabio will join all Kamelot shows during their North American Tour that will start from 26th August.

Kamelot Pandemonium Over North-America Tour

-2011-26.08 2011 Atlanta,Ga the masquarade
-27.08 2011 West springfield, Va – Jaxx
-28.08 2011 Philadelphia, Pa - The Trocadero
-30.08 2011 New York, Ny - The Gramercy Theatre
-31.08 2011 Worcester , Ma – The Palladium
-02.09 2011 Montreal, Que – Club Soda
-03.09 2011 Quebec City, Que – Imperial De Quebec
-04.09 2011 Toronto, Ont – Mod Club
-06.09 2011 Cleveland, Oh – Peabody's
-07.09 2011 Detroit, Mi – Blondie's
-08.09 2011 Chicago, Il – Bottom Lounge
-09.09 2011 St.Paul, Mn – Station 4
-12.09 2011 Seattle, Wa – El Corazon
-13.09 2011 Portland, Or – Peter's Room
-14.09 2011 San Francisco, Ca – Slim's
-15.09 2011 West Hollywood, Ca – House Of Blues
-16.09 2011 Tempe, Az – Clubhouse
-17.09 2011 Salt Lake City, Ut – The Complex
-18.09 2011 Denver, Co – Bluebird Theater
-20.09 2011 Dallas, Tx – Trees
-21.09 2011 Houston, Tx – Scout Bar
-23.09 2011 Orlando, Fl – The Club At Firestone

Additionally, he will sing at an event "Saints or Sinners" in October together with Roberto Tiranti(Labyrinth), Olaf Thorsen and Alessio Lucatti(Vision Divine) and the others.
-With Saints or Sinners:
-01.10 2011 elvis fan stagno Livorno Italy

Releases of Fabio's collaborate albums -30th July

Along with Rhapsody Of Fire's activities, Fabio positively joins various projects and some younger band's recording as a guest vocalist.

For a progressive metal project "No Gravity" (led by Simone Fiorletta) album, Fabio sang the 4th song "Voicies from the past". This project consists of various guest artists like Michele Luppi (Killing Touch, Thaurorod, Mr.Pig), Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Mark Basile (DGM) and more.


This album "Worlds In Collision" is available at amazon.co.uk and so on.

amazon.co.uk - No Gravity

Fabio also joined recording with Symphonic Prog-metal band "Infinita Symphonia" as a guest singer.
you can listen to the demo version on YouTube.


"A Mind's Chronicles" album (including the song Fabio sang)is available at online CD stores like Scarlet Records or amazon.co.uk.

eBay - A Mind's Chronicles (Scarlet Records - Italy)

amazon.co.jp - Mind's Chronicles (UK Edition)

Moreover, Fabio sang with an Italian symphonic metal band "TeodasiA" featuring a female singer, for recording their album "Upwards".
The release date will be between the end of September and the beginning of October, the details will be announced here as soon as the exact date is fixed.

Fabio's activities in summer 2011 - 25th June

Fabio appeared at Sweden Rock Festival on 11th June, before Rhapsody Of Fire's new release "From Chaos To Eternity". He joined rehearsals in Trieste from 9th June just before the festival and warmed up his vocal in that very limited time, then powerfully and eloquently sang on stage. You can check the scenes of Sweden Rock Festival on YouTube.




you can watch the videos Fabio on stage with Rhapsody Of Fire at Masters Of Rock 2011 on YouTube, too.

you can watch the videos of Fabio on stage with Rhapsody Of Fire at Masters Of Rock 2011.

His schedule in June/July is fixed as follows:

25th June - Fabio will join Athrox(IROEN MAIDEN tribute band)(Rome)

2nd July - Fabio will attend at the release party for Infinita Symphonia's debut album"A Mind's Chronicle" (Rome)

15th July - Fabio will be on stage at Masters Or Rock 2011(Vizovice - Czheck Republic)

24th July - Fabio will sing with Purplesnake - Bad Boys(Deep Purple / Whitesnake cover band)(Ameglia)

30th July - Fabio will appear at Metallici Fest 2011 with Vision Divine (Sassari)

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