Fabio Lione News-Renewal

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Angra new album "Secret Garden" release in Japan - 17th December2014

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Fabio Lione and Angra on stage at Hell and Heaven Fest - 25th October 2014

Fabio Lione will have shows with Schema Zeta, Crimson Wind in Sicily - 9th October 2014

Fabio Lione recorded a song with Divine Wings produced by Ricardo Confessori - 30th September 2014

Fabio Lione will start Latin American tour with Angra in autumn - 20th September 2014

Fabio Lione will join Wisdom show in November - 17th September 2014

Fabio Lione collaborated with Flashback Of Anger for the new release - 29th August 2014

Fabio Lione appears at summer festivals with Rhapsody Of Fire - 15th August 2014

Fabio Lione sang for Prey For Nothing's new album - 28th February 2014

Fabio Lione participated in recording Imperial Age new album - 15th February 2014

Rhapsody Of Fire new video revealed - 14th February 2014

Fabio Lione joined recording Timo Tolkki's Avalon II - 1st February 2014

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Fabio Lione & Tarja Turunen sang "Phantom Of The Opera" - 25th September 2013

Hollow Haze published "No Rest For The Angels" video featuring Fabio Lione - 20th September 2013

Rhapsody Of Fire announced a new album with Fabio Lione's lyrics & vocals - 12th September 2013

Hollow Haze new album Fabio Lione sang was released - 10th September 2013

New photos of Fabio Lione with Angra in Salvador- 7th September 2013

Fabio Lione was blessed with a new born baby - 5th September 2013

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Kiko Loureiro message video before the tour - 27th July 2013

Fabio Lione and Hollow Haze will release a new album - 1st July 2013

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Fabio Lione, Roberto Tiranti and Morby at Italy's Got Voices - 1st May 2012

Fabio Lione will go on to Latin America with Rhapsody Of Fire pt.4 - 23rd April 2012

Fabio Lione, the Art Director will sing with Tiranti and Domine in Russi - 28th March 2012

Fabio Lione will be on Rhapsody Of Fire North American Tour pt.3 - 7th March 2012

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