Kiko Loureiro Video - Angra and Fabio start the tour
to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the debut album

Kiko Loureiro fala sobre show no Rio de Janeiro
- Kiko Loureiro talks about show in Rio de Janeiro

"Because tomorrow, obviously, is going to be fantastic, it's my hometown (Rio) I was born in Rio and I always like to play there, eh Got many friends there, many fans. Fans that have been following our work for many years and always go to our shows. Circo voador... I remember playing in Circo Voador in 1994, back in Angels Cry tour along with Dr. Sin Its really touching to go back there, we also played there during rebirth and.. hm.. temple of shadows tour I think Our first show there hapened when Circo Voador was still a real tent Circus in Lapa neighborhood Its really good to be back in Rio performing for the fans there The cariocas"

The "Circo Voador" he refers to is the name of the theatre Angra is performing tonight in Rio, it means "Flying Circus" "Cariocas" are the people born in Rio

Video & Translation by Angra Street Team, Fabio Lione Official Portal Site heartily thanks them!

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